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Meet Our Team

Cynthia "Cindy" Finnegan, LMSW


I am not your typical nor traditional therapist! If you're looking for a therapist who is stuffy and uptight, or if you prefer clinical jargon and lots of big words, I am not the therapist for you. I’m the therapist who may show up wearing jeans and sandals one week and a long dress the next. I have tattoos and don’t try to hide them. I will call you on your crap when appropriate, and I might even swear while doing so. I support BLM, LGBTQIA+ and I believe in Science. I may not be a "typical" therapist, yet I am me & I am genuine. If you want to become the best YOU possible, give me a call! I know I can help.

Austin J. Kieffer, LMSW

Lead Clinical Therapist

My approach to clients and the therapeutic relationship begins with unconditional positive regard. I strive to build a therapeutic environment where my clients are accepted fully as worthy, capable individuals. I believe that thoughts, feelings, and our actions interact constantly based on past experiences that continue to influence our present. I would be happy to assist you in developing new ways of thinking about past, present, and future events in order to achieve your best self. I work wide a wide variety of clients; some of the topics I most frequently help with include mood disorders, trauma, and LGBTQ concerns.

Sh'Vaughn Nunley, LLMSW

Clinical Therapist

Life can be very challenging, and sometimes we need support to become more self-aware and make the changes necessary to rise above the circumstances. It is my job to give you the tools to navigate through your most difficult life encounters. I will provide a safe, nurturing, and judgment-free atmosphere that will allow you to begin your journey to self-healing. Learning from your emotions and past experiences is the best way to grow and heal. I combine life experiences, psycho-education, and evidence-based treatments to help clients understand their symptoms, re-frame thought patterns, and use the tools we learn in session in everyday life. Allow me to help reconnect you to your strengths and purpose by processing and understanding your thoughts and emotion.

Elizabeth Mullins, LLP

Clinical Therapist

I am licensed by the State of Michigan as a psychologist and have been a public school educator for over 24 years. I've spent time as a clinical psychologist providing assessments, evaluations, treatment plans, and therapy. I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Faith-Based Christian Counseling. My combined experience as an educator and psychologist offers the perfect blend for assisting parents with navigating the challenges of education with their children. I've been an advocate for parents of special needs children. I have a heart for the special needs child and his/her parents, as I have an adult son with Autism.

Todd Losié, MATL, MS, LLMSW

Clinical Therapist

Sometimes life gets in the way of our happiness. Sometimes we continue to struggle with challenges from our past. Whatever the challenges, there is hope to move through those challenges that keep us from living our most fulfilled selves. Whether your challenges in life are depression, out-of-control behaviors, marital issues, divorce recovery, anxiety, the effects of bullying, or a history of abuse - I can support you in your journey. I work with individuals and couples and use a psychodynamic and somatic approach that integrates the whole person. I work with men and men's issues, women, couples, and adolescents. You will not be alone. I look forward to partnering together to support your goals.

Lisa Freeman, LLMSW

Clinical Therapist

Experienced Therapist with a demonstrated history of working in the family services industry for 20+ years. Skilled in client assessments, treatment planning, individual counseling, couples counseling, and serving clients from diverse populations and circumstances. 

Kevin Fowler

Practice Manager

I handle all the behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps the lights on and the doors open at Motor City Center for Hope. In other words, I'm your go-to guy for referral updates, records requests, billing inquiries, and just about everything else except therapy. 

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